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Our History

Lebanon Valley began writing fire insurance for businesses, farms and dwellings in Pennsylvania before the American Civil War! Chartered on June 18, 1856 as the Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company, many transformations to meet the changing needs of our policyholders and the communities we serve naturally occurred. With expanded coverages, growing markets, ever-changing economies and laws regulating the insurance industry posing challenges over many decades, the company remained stable and secure.

Today Lebanon Valley policyholders continue to benefit from our growth as a member of Mutual Capital Group of Companies. From the ability to provide our customers access to a very strong portfolio of products and services, to the strengthened human and financial capital required to bring our very best to market, our reorganization in 2010 has proven to be the right move.

From a small rural carrier with mutual roots to a company in a strong member insurance network, Lebanon Valley remains uniquely relevant. While most industry peers have shied away from commercial automobile, we continue to be of service in this category. Property and Casualty Lines however, remain the heart of our business… with an underwriting team who puts the needs of our policyholders first. We are proud that we continue to refresh, renew and revitalize the way we conduct business daily… as we have for the past 160 years.

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